An au pair placement is an official and temporary residence status for a young person aged between 18 and 25 years old who, in the context of a cultural exchange programme has come to live in Belgium with the aim of learning one of the three official languages (Dutch, French or German) and expand their knowledge of Belgian culture .

A young au pair will be welcomed into the home of a host family where they eat, lodge and receive a monthly allowance. Au pair is not just a word, nor is it a synonym for a child minder, babysitter or housekeeper.


As an au pair, you may sometimes come across these questions:

What are the legal conditions?
The au pair programme in Belgium is regulated by the ...
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Allowances & other expenses

Allowances Host families are legally obliged to pay you the agreed allowance amount. The allowance must b…

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Working hours & tasks
Au pairs are not employees and they do not come to Belgium to work. They are here to ...
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The au pair contract
The ...
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Non-European au pairs
Third-country nationals who want to come to Belgium within the framework of an au pair placement, ...
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European au pairs
The Belgian au pair placement scheme was created without consideration of European citizens. However, all...
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