Non-European au pairs

Third-country nationals who want to come to Belgium within the framework of an au pair placement, need both a work permit and a residence card. The host family must apply for the work permit and both the au pair and the host family must meet the legal conditions.


Work permit

Even though a work permit must be applied for, an au pair is not an employee. A work permit must be applied for because there is no specific administrative procedure for au pairs. The government has chosen to use the existing procedure for work permits.

If the application for a work permit is approved, the work permit will be used to submit a visa application to the Belgian Embassy in order to travel to Belgium. As soon as the au pair arrives in Belgium, they must apply to the municipality for a residence card.

The work permit is only valid in Belgium and for only one host family. This work permit does not allow the au pair to look for another paid job. In case of a rematch, a new work permit has to be applied for by the second host family.

Are you exempt from a tourist visa?

In principle, the au pair candidate must stay in their country of origin (or the country where they have legal residence) until the work permit has been approved. Citizens of countries exempt from needing a tourist visa may come to Belgium and apply for a work permit here. Although this is perfectly possible, we strongly advise you not to come to Belgium without the corresponding work permit.

Coming to Belgium as a tourist is very risky for an au pair candidate:

  • Je bent nog niet toegelaten om te werken.
  • Je bent nog geen officiële au pair.
  • Niemand is wettelijk verantwoordelijk voor je verblijf.
  • Je hebt nog geen medische verzekering.
  • De kans bestaat dat je blootgesteld wordt aan misbruiken.
  • Als je na 3 maanden geen arbeidskaart toegekend krijgt, zal je onwettig in België verblijven zonder enige kans op regularisatie.

If you reside in Belgium without a work permit and you’re working off the books, you still have employment rights:

  • You have the right to a minimum wage as a housekeeper.
  • A host family can be prosecuted for hiring an employee without a work permit.
  • You can file a complaint against your employer at no risk to yourself. We can help you with this.