The three servant subcategories

Based on the tasks that need to be carried out, the status of servants is divided into 3 subcategories: cleaning staff, kitchen staff and childcare staff (nannies/babysitters). If the employee’s duties consist of a combination of tasks within these three subcategories, the main task subcategory is applicable.

It is important to know which subcategory is applicable, since the legal minimum wage varies accordingly.

Cleaning servants

These employees primarily carry out cleaning duties for the employer’s household and their family, including cleaning surfaces (floors, bathroom, furniture etc) and areas in the employer’s home (entrance hall, stairwell, basement, rooms, bedrooms, etc.):

Cleaning of (living) areas according to instructions or work schedules:

  • Cleaning and maintenance of cleaning equipment.
  • Using a number of cleaning techniques (dusting, vacuuming, mopping).
  • Airing rooms, making beds and cleaning windows.
  • Removing non-hazardous household waste for collection.
  • Moving objects before and after cleaning.

Housekeeping servants

These employees mainly carry out housekeeping for the employer’s household and their family, with the purpose of serving the occupants of the private home in all necessary activities:

Looking after clothing and other textiles (washing, ironing, sewing)::

  • Using the iron, washing machine or dryer and other appliances.
  • Sorting laundry.
  • Crease-free folding of garments and other textiles.
  • Carrying out minor repairs to clothing and other textiles.

Preparing and cooking meals::

  • Preparing and cooking meals
  • Estimating and calculating costs.
  • Cooking meals according to hygiene and storage regulations.
  • Adhering to the nutritional and dietary requirements set out by the employer.
  • Adapting meals to the needs of individuals.
  • Systematically cleaning and sanitising the cooking area and
  • kitchen utensils.

Carrying out additional household tasks::

  • Being responsible for daily grocery shopping as instructed.
  • Caring for plants.
  • Feeding pets and maintaining their habitat (cat litter tray, aquarium etc.).
  • Welcoming visitors and offering them refreshments.
  • Serving meals and clearing the table afterwards.

Childcare servants (nannies/babysitters)

This subcategory applies to employees mainly engaged in tasks related to the employer’s children, such as private nannies and babysitters. They are primarily responsible for all aspects of childcare, with the aim of providing them with the necessary guidance in their daily life:


  • Making childcare arrangements.
  • Welcoming the children home and supervising them once they are back.
  • Creating a safe, warm and sheltered environment.

Supervising children in their daily activities..

  • Supervising children in their daily activities
  • Following up on information received from the parents.
  • Providing hygienic care for the children.
  • Offering explanations as necessary.
  • Dressing the children according to the weather.

Supervising activities

  • Taking responsibility for personal behaviour
  • Building a trusting relationship with both children and parents.
  • Showing respect for the identity and diversity of others.

Nannies and babysitters are not au pairs. They are employees who have a right to a minimum wage.