Social security

Every servant who is working legally must be registered with social security. The employer must report the start (and finish) of your employment by way of a DIMONA declaration (Immediate Declaration).

Social security is a system that ensures you have an income in certain situations. Social security enables you to accumulate certain social rights, such as unemployment benefit, sickness benefit, pension or child allowance.

The total contributions to be paid differ from person to person but a minimum of 13.07% is always deducted from your gross wage as a basic amount.

Servants who have no legal residence: If you have no legal residence, it is not possible to register with social security, which means you are not entitled to benefits. This is why your employer must always pay a full gross wage without deductions or discounts.

Voor het diplomatiek huishoudpersoneel gelden bepaalde regels in verband met de toegang tot de sociale zekerheid in België.

Even if you are not registered with social security, your employer is still obliged to take out insurance for you against accidents at work.