What happens if you become ill?

If you are ill, you should stay at home and rest. If you are registered with social security, your wages will be paid during this period by your employer and the national health service. If you have no legal residence, you will not receive any pay from the national health service but you can always demand your wages from your employer:

  • During the first seven days that you are ill, your employer is obliged to pay your full wages.
  • From the 8th to the 14th day that you are ill, your employer is obliged to pay 60% of your wages.
  • From the 15th to the 30th day that you are ill, the national health service will pay 60% of your wages (this is only possible if you are registered with social security).

Anyone who is here without legal residence and is not registered with a health insurance organisation, is entitled to medical help. It doesn’t matter how ill you are, you may always ask a doctor for help. Always apply for urgent medical assistance from the OCMW too.

If you are a live-in housekeeper, you are allowed to stay in your employer’s house while you are ill.

If you want to receive compensation, you will need a medical certificate. Don’t forget to ask the doctor for one when you are there. Even if you have no legal residence.