Help for young adults

As a young adult, you may sometimes have problems or concerns which, in principle, have nothing to do with your employment situation as an au pair (although they may have), but which cannot be resolved by filing a complaint with the labour inspectorate.

Perhaps you have questions about depression? Questions about sex? Questions about pregnancy? Questions about drugs? Questions about bullying? Or perhaps you need someone to talk to? We all have difficult moments now and then, and you are entitled to decent help. There are a number of specialised organisations that offer help and direction to young people.

Flanders & Brussels (Dutch language)

In Flanders and Brussels, you can go to the JAC (young person’s advice centre) of the CAW. You can visit the JAC-CAW for:

  • Meet-ups: The JAC organises several meet-ups with young people at numerous locations in Flanders and Brussels where you can simply pop in for a chat.
  • Information & advice: You can get in touch with the JAC in full confidence to talk about your problems. They offer a sympathetic ear and will help you find solutions.
  • Counselling: If you need longer-term support, they can arrange counselling for you. There are various kinds of counselling (for living situation, problems at home or in your relationship, personal problems etc.).
  • Accommodation: If necessary, the JAC will help you find a suitable form of shelter.
  • Crisis aid: If you are in an urgent or difficult situation, you can get in touch with the JAC telephone reception (Tele-Onthaal) on 106. This number can be reached 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

JAC services are free of charge and you can get in touch with them in both Dutch and English.

Young people between the ages of 12 and 25 can get in touch with the JAC on 02 486 45 01 or by email: jac@cawbrussel.be

People over 25, can get in touch with the adult department of the CAW on 02 486 45 02 or by email: onthaal@cawbrussel.be

Brussels & Wallonia (French-language)

For help from French-language organisations in Brussels & Wallonia, you can get in touch with one of the following organisations:

These organisations are active in a number of municipalities and for varying ages of applicant.