How do you file a complaint?

If your host family fails to comply with the legal conditions or if you are a victim of economic exploitation, you can lodge a complaint with the labour inspectorate. Depending on whether you have a work permit (or not), you must lodge your complaint with on of the regional labour inspectorates or with the federal inspectorate.


Regional labour inspectorate

If you are a non-European citizen and you already have a work permit, type B (blue card), then the regional labour inspectorate of the region where you reside (Flanders, Brussels or Wallonia) is the office authorised to check compliance with the terms of your placement. You will find contact details for the various labour inspectorates by region below:


Flemish social inspectorate
Head office: Koning Albert II avenue 35, box 20, 1030 Brussels
Tel: 02 553 08 88
With offices in: Antwerp, Bruges, Ghent, Leuven and Hasselt.


Regional employment inspectorate (Gewestelijke werkgelegenheidsinspectie)
Kruidtuin avenue 20, 1035 Brussels
Tel: 02 800 35 17


Wallonian social inspectorate (Inspection sociale de Wallonie)
Av. Gouverneur Bovesse 103, 5100 Namur
Tel: 081 32 05 30
Email :
with offices in Namen, Liège and Charleroi

Federal labour inspectorate

Are you a European citizen? Or are you a non-European citizen without a work permit? If so, you must file your complaint with the Social Laws Inspection Service (Federale Arbeidsinspectie Toezicht op de Sociale Wetten):

Social Law Supervision
Central division: Ernest Blerot street 1, 1070 Brussels
Tel: 02 235 54 01
Email :
With external locations in 24 cities

Never hesitate to lodge a complaint! It is the only way to enforce your rights and it is absolutely safe for you to do. FAIRWORK Belgium can help you with the process.