What is the risk for my employer if I have no documents?

  • An employer may be heavily penalised if they have people working off the books or clandestinely. There may be a hefty fine or a prison sentence. Punishments are the most severe for work carried out off the books.
  • Your employer’s punishment may be even more severe if they are failing to comply with other laws. You will find the most important rules further down on this page.

Don’t let your employer scare you by threatening to go to the police. They risking big problems themselves!

Important: Even helping a friend, paid or unpaid, is working off the books. If the inspectorate catches you, it is in your best interests not to lie. With an honest story, you will not be punished unnecessarily. Voluntary work is not officially allowed for people without legal residence, although this is not being penalised at present. Unless your voluntary work is a hidden form of employment.