Am I allowed to work in Belgium?

Whether or not you are allowed to work in Belgium depends on your residence rights and whether you are still in your country of origin.

If you have legal residence in Belgium, but you’re not sure if you’re allowed to work, you can find out more here.

If you haven’t yet arrived in Belgium, but you would like to come to Belgium to work, you’ll find the terms and conditions here.

If you are in Belgium but you have no legal residence, you’re not allowed to legally work in Belgium.

If you are residing here without legal residence, no employer is permitted to offer you work. It is therefore impossible to legally work in Belgium. If an employer has promised to give you a contract and help you with legal residence in Belgium, they are not being honest with you. Legalisation by way of employment does not exist in Belgium. If you find an employer who wants to hire you, consider returning to your country of origin and starting the procedure to work in Belgium. For more information, click here.

Important! If an employer asks you to work using their identity or someone else’s, do not agree to this. In addition, do not search for an identity you can use yourself. This is a punishable offence and if your employer fails to respect your employment rights, it will make it much more difficult to do something about it.