Employment agreement, identity card & duration of employment

The approval of employment is based on the signing of a model employment contract. Following approval, the Protocol Directorate will issue the employee with a special identity card, Type S.

Model employment contract

Employees of diplomatic missions who do not enjoy a privileged status are considered, since 2018, as private sector employees and are entitled to all employment conditions as defined by the Collective Labour Agreement of the Belgian Paritaires Committee.

The employment agreement with diplomatic housekeeping staff must be based on Belgian labour law and not on the legislation of the sending state or of a third country. Diplomatic housekeeping staff must be offered full-time employment and their wages must be paid in euros (not in a foreign currency).

Het arbeidsstatuut van de dienstboden is van toepassing op het diplomatiek huispersoneel en ze genieten van dezelfde arbeidsvoorwaarden zoals alle andere dienstboden, een legaal minimumloon inbegrepen. Het minimumloon wordt bepaald op basis van het takenpakket van de werknemer: Het dienstbodestatuut wordt verdeeld in 3 subcategorieën: schoonmaak, huishouden of kinderopvang.

Special identity card

As diplomatic housekeeping staff, employee receive a special identity card – type S. As soon as the employee arrives in Belgium, they must personally collect their identity card from the Protocol Directorate.

This identity card is valid for one year and is renewable to the maximum 10 year residence duration in Belgium. After ten years, the employee may no longer be employed in Belgium as a private housekeeper.


Special identity card example, Type S

Duration of employment

After ten years, the employee may no longer remain in Belgium as a private housekeeper. When they reach the maximum duration of ten years of employment, or when the employment relationship is terminated, the employee must return their special identity card to their employer and leave Belgium. The employer must pay the travel expenses for the return journey.


ATTENTION: the model agreement currently being used by the Protocol Directorate for employment approval is out of date. The minimum wage in the contract is not equal to the current pay scales.