FAIRWORK Belgium for domestic workers

In 2010, FAIRWORK Belgium set up the empowerment project FAIRWORK Belgium for Domestic Workers exclusively for domestic workers with or without legal residence and young au pairs. They meet up every Sunday for information sessions on employment rights, socio-cultural activities, language lessons and training for their emancipation, to relieve isolation and strengthen their skills.

Sunday activities have been accessible to domestic staff since 2010 and since 2018, we also provide a specific programme for young au pairs.

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Sunday activities for domestic workers

We organise meet-ups every Sunday in the centre of Brussels for a group of domestic workers (m/f), (with or without legal residence) mainly from the Philippines and Latin America. During meet-ups, you can take part in the following activities:

Education in employment rights:
We explain in detail what your employment rights are and how you can protect yourself against exploitation and abuse. All information is provided in both English and Spanish. In addition to the formal sessions, we also organise empowerment talks and debates.

Socio-cultural activities:
We know that for many of you, Sunday is your only day off, which is why we also organise visits to museums and walks in various Belgian cities, workshops (cookery lessons, for example) and in addition, we are often invited by Filipino and Latin American organisations to take part in their festivals.

All activities for domestic staff are completely free of charge and organised in both and organised in both English and Spanish.

There are currently no events scheduled at short notice.


Through our helpdesk for domestic workers and au pairs, we offer individual assistance and information relating to your employment rights and the way in which you can enforce those rights. We put you in touch with the labour inspectorate and we can help you file a complaint against your employer and with the remainder of the process.

You can get in touch with us in Dutch, French, English and Spanish. If your language is not one of those listed, please ask a friend or acquaintance to phone for you.

Would you like more information?

Fairwork Belgium - Omar

Omar García is a staff member who has been specialising in domestic staff since 2012. He follows up on all questions related to domestic work and provides empowerment training for domestic staff.


FAIRWORK Belgium for Domestic Workers is a safe and pleasant place where jyou can meet new friends and exchange experiences.