How can I enforce my employment rights?

As a service voucher employee, you can file a complaint against your employer at the labour inspectorate Social Laws Inspection Service (Toezicht op de Sociale Wetten). If you’re a member of a trade union, get in touch with your union representative. They will help you file the complaint and follow up on it.

Some tips

  • Never sign anything you don’t understand!
  • Never sign a blank document
  • If the customer does not request a service, do not sign a document requesting leave.
  • Do not sign an addendum to your contract in which your working hours are reduced.
  • Never sign a document that could adversely affect your employment rights.

If your employer asks you to sign something, say that you want to read the document first. Take a copy of it with you and ask your trade union or FAIRWORK Belgium to check the document. Don’t let yourself be fooled!