Holidays and national holidays


As a service voucher employee, you are entitled to paid holiday from your second year of working.. The number of days depends on the number of days (and hours) that you worked in the past year. The general rule is that if you worked the whole of the past year, you will have a maximum of:

  • 24 dagen betaalde vakantiedagen als je 6 dagen per week gewerkt hebt.
  • 20 betaalde vakantiedagen als je 5 dagen per week gewerkt hebt.
  • 16 betaalde vakantiedagen als je 4 dagen per week gewerkt hebt.

The holiday pay will be paid by the National Office for Annual Holidays (Rijksdienst voor Jaarlijkse Vakantie).

Holidays and national holidays

Just as every other employee, you are entitled to paid national holidays. National holidays that don’t fall on a working day must be replaced by another working day (if no previous agreement has been reached, the replacement will take place the next working day). These are the ten official national holidays in Belgium:

  • 1 januari (Nieuwjaar)
  • Paasmaandag
  • 1 mei (Dag van de arbeid)
  • O.H. Hemelvaart
  • Pinkstermaandag
  • 21 juli (Nationale dag)
  • 15 Augustus (O.L.V. Hemelvaart)
  • 1 november (Allerheiligen)
  • 11 november (Wapenstilstand)
  • 25 december (Kerstmis)