How much should you earn?

The minimum wage in the service voucher sector is determined by the collective labour agreement of the Paritair Comité 322.01. You’ll find a list of the current amounts here.

*From 1 February 2022

  • Worked for less than a year: €11.81 per hour
  • Worked for a minimum of 1 year: €12.26 per hour
  • Worked for at least 2 years: €12.41 per hour
  • Worked for at least 3 years: €12.55 per hour


  • Your salary does not depend on the number of vouchers you receive.
  • You should receive your full salary as agreed in the contract. The agency must pay you even if the user has not submitted any vouchers.
  • If the user of the voucher does not request any services (if they are on holiday, for example) the agency must find another user for you to work for. If they are unable to find someone, you must still be paid.